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Dovetail is a software consulting firm located in Houston, TX. We craft software that helps companies achieve their goals. Our software solutions are robust, maintainable, and like a dovetail joint, built to last. Dovetail specializes in the oil and gas, medical, and manufacturing industries.


Oil and Gas

The Dovetail team has worked on range of oil and gas software. The team has experience in everything from understanding the complicated rules around leasing to navigating the complexities of a robust real-time physics engine. Dovetail can facilitate continuity of information throughout software platforms and divisions including Land/Leasing, Drilling, Production, HSE, and Accounting.


Medical has a unique set of challenges such as dealing with HIPAA compliance and protecting e-PHI. At Dovetail, we have experience designing and developing an online system for M.D. Anderson and understand the complexities of protecting patient data.


Manufacturing often requires interfacing directly with hardware and sensors. We've worked with manufacturers in Houston to build dashboards to monitor and store process variables from a wide range of devices and PCL controllers.



Dovetail's primary focus in the web is on real time web applications where users need to see streaming data and changes in relational data without refreshing the browser. We've built web applications used by surveillance engineers to monitor well and rig data around the world.


Dovetail has over 10+ years of experience writing winforms/wpf applications. They have worked on desktop applications ranging from large products that generated 10's of million in revenue to small prototypes used for market validation. (WPF/Winforms)

Data Integration

Dovetail specializes in data integration to bridge gaps across departments and systems. We've streamed data from multiple heterogenous data sources and combined them in real time, while being more robust than the commercial grade products we were pulling from. Utilizing SSRS allows direct access to information in both Oracle and MS SQL Server databases; meaning faster and more cost-efficient reports.


Everything from Azure to Amazon to Google we have you covered. We have experience with the cloud-based infrastructure and platforms insuring software is adaptable and scalable for different workloads.

Real Time Data Management and Analytics

Oftentimes companies expend excessive amounts of time searching for data and manually examining and reporting it. Dovetail builds systems that guarantee secure, trackable, and manipulatable quality data delivered in real time resulting in increased workflow efficiency. Trackable and manipulatable real time data allows users to examine trend analysis, identify concerns, and make quick and accurate decisions.

Our Story


Dovetail was founded by James Fason and Hunter Wright who were tired of how software clients were being treated. They were being promised tenderloin but receiving 4-day old ground beef. Many times, late and way over budget. Since the Dovetail team has led and delivered million-dollar projects on time and budget they knew they could do better. So, they started Dovetail to do just that. They believe that when business works directly with strong technical talent, great results can be realized. It's our goal to make sure our clients always walk away thinking "wow”.

Our Team


James Fason

James has always been fascinated by computers. And ever since finishing second in the state for programming, he knew he not only had the desire but the talent. So, after graduating from the University of Texas he dove into his software career. His voracious appetite for knowledge, and focus on delivering results has helped numerous companies including Houston's M.D. Anderson and Schlumberger. And when he's not writing great code he can usually be found playing chess, foosball, and reading about the brain.


Hunter Wright

Hunter combines a Mechanical Engineering background with a decade of programming experience. After graduating from the University of Texas he moved to Houston and has worked in oil and gas, manufacturing, and R&D environments to write software with a focus on data acquisition and physics. Outside of work, you can probably find Hunter in his garage woodshop or at a local foosball tournament.


Brendan Brown

Brendan has a diverse background ranging from sales and customer relations in commercial agriculture to project management of offshore construction in the oil and gas industry. Whether it’s designing plans for heavy construction offshore or coordinating and working with clients to understand and meet their needs, his vigorous work ethic always comes through. Brendan holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in Civil Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. Most weekends you’ll find him cycling or enjoying craft beers and all the amazing food Houston has to offer.

Our Values

Business Aligned

Our approach is to write software to solve business problems, not to write software for software's sake. Every feature should provide value to the business. Dovetail won't suggest a full rewrite, we prefer to integrate and extend your existing and working software and IT setup. Without extraneous features, our products are delivered faster and at lower cost.


We believe that one of the most important foundations of great software is communication. Lots of time and money is wasted when developers don't understand the needs of the business. That's why we think it's so important the developers work directly with the business, and not through three levels of middle men, across 4-time zones, and 3 languages. Ensuring the success of the project.


We believe in treating software professionally, and with integrity. We believe the best software is written in an environment of trust and mutual respect. And we know we have to earn that. We start with giving high quality estimates, and finish with delivering on time and within budget.

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